Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pictures of Tufts homes

Here are a few pictures of my Great-Great Grandfather Timothy Tufts and Great Grandfather James A Tufts homes. Some are from collections handed down through the family by my father, J Arthur Tufts and his father James A Tufts II. I was fortunate enough to come across his negatives from 1908 to later years and digitize them. Other pictures are ones I have taken in my search for as many ancestors homes and graves I can find.

Timothy and Sarah Tufts in front of their home in Alstead, New Hampshire

Opposite side of the same house after the fire that destroyed Timothy's store. This one has the notation "Done by Dunn". A local photographer?

Timothy Tufts in front of his store

James A Tufts speaking at dedication of Shedd-Porter Library with his father Timothy's house and store in background

Timothy Tufts home on Bennett Road

Barn on Bennett Road

Timothy's father Jonas Tufts home in Walpole New Hampshire. Jonas formerly held a farm in the south meadow in Charlestown. I wonder if it was the one where you turn to Putnams farm. More research may tell.

Jonas Tufts home today (2010)
James A Tufts home on Pine Street in Exeter New Hampshire
(Later was dismantled or torn down to make room for home built on adjacent property)

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