Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Tufts home pictures

Here are a few more pictures of James A Tufts home on Pine Street in Exeter New Hampshire

Decorated for July 4th perhaps
Snowy scene

Mothers room
(I'd be interested to know about the portraits in the background)

Dining room decorated with roses
The dining room
Helen (Betty) Tufts Kreger
(One of my favorite pictures from the old collection)

"Gyp" the ladder climbing dog 
(one of my Grandfather's favorite subjects)
Delmont, Betty, Irving, and Theadora; The children of Professor James A Tufts
(picture taken out back by barn at Pine Street home)

James A Tufts II, Irving, and Delmont
(can you tell which was the Nurseryman, Wall Street executive and dairy farmer?)
Irving Tufts family in the front yard 

 Delmont, Theadora, Betty, and Effie

the whole family; (l to r):
Tuffy, Effie, Irving, Betty, JAT II, Theadora, Delmont
(in the side yard. the house in background was Judge Shute's home)

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