Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Horse sale of legend

For many years growing up we heard a tale of horses being sold at our family tree nursery in Exeter, New Hampshire. We never heard about horses being kept there, or used there, but there were a few old pieces of horse stuff in the barn. I finally nailed down the source of the story.

 I was one of the youngest of the grandchildren, so I never knew just how hard my grandfather worked to provide for his family of six children. Grandfather James A Tufts II bought the farm in 1923. He also sold Ball seeds throughout all of New England and sold cut flowers. he was active with the Grange, Farm Bureau, was a town selectman, and many other things.

East view

 Today I found this flyer establishing truth to the legend. What a novel idea. Horses were brought by train to New Hampshire and sold to farmers for work service.

A look through my old photo files revealed a couple picture he must have taken from the house roof. We had one of those hatches which could be accessed from the attic, but he must have been holding on with one hand as the focus is off in these pictures he took.
 looking over High Street towards the "bungalow"
Horses were still used on many farms and I have these pictures of plowing the nursery fields by horse and primitive tractors.
 This is looking towards Hampton Road where Holland Drive now goes to Portsmouth Avenue.

I believe this is the house on the corner of Rte 88 where there are newer homes now.

Friday, January 4, 2019

(photo from Fund facebook page)
The Craig Tufts Educational Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Craig Tufts, Chief Naturalist of the National Wildlife Federation. Each year the fund grants an award to a youth, aged 8-18, to attend a week-long summer outdoor educational adventure camp at Family Nature Summits. The fund provides travel, room and board, plus program fees for the award winner and an accompanying parent or guardian.

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