Sunday, September 20, 2020

Tufts DNA project

 I am working on a DNA project of Tufts descendants with results at Gedmatch. Please contact me if you have tested your DNA, have results there or are willing to participate.

There are many Tufts lines of descent who claim they are from other immigrants than Peter Tufts of Charlestown, MA, circa 1638, specifically TUFFS and TUFT families and Irish immigrant families of numerous spellings. This could be an opportunity to eliminate any doubt, if we get enough participants to accurately complete the genetic analysis. This is only one way this project could benefit researchers of Tufts and other families. 

Please see the links below for more information. Contained in these links are some with warnings about risks of testing and having results posted on a database or website. Please review these and learn as much as you can about DNA testing for genealogy before testing or participating in this project. As of this posting (September 20, 2020), this project is not sponsored by or affiliated with the Tufts Kinsmen Association.

My personal opinion is that DNA testing for genealogy is simply one of the many tools we use to trace our ancestry. It is like a database, a record or file. They all have to be reviewed and judged for content and accuracy. DNA results should match good genealogy research. 

Thomas W Tufts

Please email if you wish to participate.

Links for additional information:


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