This blog is mostly about the Tufts family in America descended from Peter Tufts who came to Charlestown, Massachusetts from England before 1638. I hope to share many great stories of Tufts families and individuals. I also will share things I have found on other Tufts families besides Peter’s many descendants. They include Tuffts, Tuft, and Tuffs families from Ireland and other places that remain to be discovered. I will also explore the many other families related to the Tufts and share their stories as well. Hopefully this will include the Toland family of my wife, and Staples, Bakers and Cummings from my mother’s ancestry.

Much of the information I have found on the Tufts comes from the research of Herbert Adams whose work was published by the Tufts Kinsmen Association in 2010 and his earlier edition of Tufts Kinsmen. That book is available by e-mailing tuftskinsmenbook@comcast.net Book order page
I start with that book and quote it occasionally as allowed by copyright. Some of the blog posts contain lists of families from the book that are abbreviated. From there I seek out all records and sources to confirm the books content. I often cannot confirm or deny and there are some brick walls that neither Mr Adams nor I can knock down. Hopefully with these stories being shared here we can find truth out and share it with everyone.
 Other resources will be credited for readers to discover original records. A lot also comes from records available from online sources such as ancestry.com I try to be as thorough as possible in my research and will indicate anything less than fact. I have found that to be accurate, one has to see the original records and verify their accuracy. If errors exist I am always receptive to correction. Please leave a comment or e-mail me directly at ttuftsy@comcast.net. Also please check the comments as I will respond to requests for further documentation or information in the comments section.

I hope people will feel free to comment on my blog and share information with others. If you feel you have a blog idea for me please let me know. There are many stories out there waiting to be shared. I will try and attend this at least once a week, but I know that may be affected by my many other interests.

I am Thomas Tufts. I grew up in Exeter NH and currently reside in Raymond NH. After 30 years of firefighting, I now enjoy my retirement by researching family history, specializing in the military Tufts and my direct ancestors to Peter Tufts, the immigrant. Please enjoy these stories about the Tufts and other families.


  1. Are you interested in this branch of the Tufts family?

  2. Of course. We welcome all Tufts stories. I'd love to re-post this on the main page. This family claimed Irish ancestry but left no descendants. Maybe other branches of the family are testing DNA and can finally prove it one way or another. The patriarch of this clan was one of the John Tufts I'm trying to track down.

  3. Im wondering if Helen Betty Kreger is my grandmother? On my dads side... she married Ross Selman in Rainy River

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  5. My Great Aunt, Betty Kreger lived her entire life in Exeter NH as far as I know and married once but had no children

  6. Hello, You and I met three days ago, September 7th, at an important event that involved another "Thomas Tufts". We discovered that we were distant cousins. I discovered our connection. My great (x6) grandmother was Dorothy Tufts, the daughter of Captain Peter Tufts. She married first Lieutenant John Francis and then Tristram Coffin.

    1. Great to meet you Mr. Howe. Please send me a note at ttuftsy@comcast.net to share some more info on the family. Otherwise please enjoy some of these stories including the Tufts Ancestry of October 2012 which should include some information on your branch.