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The Tufts Kinsmen Association, Inc., is pleased to offer for sale; Tufts Kinsmen Volume I and II, generations 1-6 (Vol. I) and generations 7 & 8 (Vol. II) of the Tufts family genealogy, by Herbert Freeman Adams and the Tufts Kinsmen Association.

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  1. I am John L. Tufts, Jr. of NYC. My dad, John, was born and raised in Erie, Penn. His father was Leo H. Tufts, also of Erie. I'm sure we descended from the New England Tufts, but I have not been able to backtrack beyond my grandfather. My question is according to a history of the US Navy many men were sent to the shipyard in Erie's Presque Isle to build ships to fight the British on the Great Lakes. I would assume that after the cessation of the war many of those who went to Erie remained there. Is there any way to find that out?

    1. Sorry I missed this when you posted it. The histories of Erie area would answer that question regarding settling trends. I would love to share more information if I could find your exact line. Please send me an e-mail at ttuftsy@comcast.net if you can.

  2. Do your DNA ! As a woman, I'm stuck to maternal lineage, but fortunately have identified my Tufts lineage the old fashioned way-- genealogy. Start with your grandfather's Venus records and work backward. Good luck.

    1. I think DNA can be inaccurate but close so like to back it up with good genealogical research. I also find results hard to understand when it comes to matching families for genealogy.

  3. Census !! Autocorrect got me.

  4. I spent about 10 mins on census records, Leo Henry > James H > Allen b 1822 MA, married Henrietta Maries Ford b c 1827 NH, md 1848 Woburn MA. His father was said to be a Daniel Tufts and mother possibly last name Sloan from VT. There are many Daniels b 1780-1800 MA. All desc. from Capt. Peter Tufts.

  5. I'll look for this line when I can. They may be from Zachariah Tufts of Keene. His story is told on the January 2014 tab above.

  6. Looking further think death cert. info saying Daniel Tufts was incorrect, more possibly a Samuel. Informant had shaky info.

    1. Please send me an e-mail at ttuftsy@comcast.net with a little more info and I'll see what I can find, thanks.

    2. I'm curious if you have Ebenezer Francis 1707-1774 who married a Rachel Tufts (1712-1791) in your history? One of their daughters, Lucy Francis (1739-1835) married Edward Samuel Wilson (1734-1816). These latter two were the parents of Samuel "Uncle Sam" Wilson (1766-1854) (the purported basis of the character "Uncle Sam" as well as my ancestor Rachel Wilson (1765-1846).

      Some genealogies have Ebenezer Francis marrying Rachel Whitmore instead (with the same birth date and year) and I am wondering if this could be an error.

  7. I am a descendant of (3rd great grandfather) Joseph Tuffs (Tufts) about 1805 in New York(possibly Portland area), and Betsy Elizabeth Robbins Born 23 February 1812 in Westminster, Windham, Vermont. They were married 27 June 1833 in Portland, New York by Jacob Houghton, Esq. They migrated to Apple River, JoDavies, Illinois. They had 6 Children. They died in (Sac City Joseph about 1885)and (Jackson, Iowa - Betsy 31 March 1878) I have traced Betsy Robbins, through her mother Betty Standish, to Myles Standish and Edward Doty of the Mayflower. I am in the process of completing my Mayflower Society application with information from my 2nd great grandparents forward to me. However, I don't know much about Joseph Tuffs(Tufts) parents. I have a number of possible names in the Upstate New York area as possibilities. George Thompson Tufts(Youngest son of Leonard and Jane Amelia) of Freedonia, Possibly Reverend James Tufts of Wardsboro, Windham, VT, or Frederich Tuffs which I found in the Genessee NY area in 1820 census with a male child of the right age. Other Family Trees on Ancestry have is father as William and mother as Katie. I am hoping that you can help me or point me in the right direction. Since I can trace Betsy's family back I would like to try and see what I can do for Joseph.

    1. I will try to look into this when I can. Please forward any results you get or contact me by e-mail. Have you tested DNA and found any Tufts cousins? I have found some TUFFS families from Ireland or Scotland.

    2. I have tested my DNA and am looking to see what I can find for Tuffs/Tufts cousins. I have found out through what census records I have found that Joseph's parents were foreign born. I would assume Irish, Scottish or English. I am very interested to see if I can find more information about my Tuffs/Tufts ancestors.
      I am about to send what I have to the Mayflower Society. Joseph's wife, Betsy Robbins is a descendant of Myles Standish. Her mother was a Standish, Betty Standish, daughter of Amos Standish. Which would make Myles Standish my 9th great grandfather.

  8. Among my grandmother Margaret Jean Morgan Cameron's (1897 - 1970)papers I have found two letters to her from Edward Lemuel Tufts (1900 - 1924)written in 1917 when he was 17 years old and she was 19. He was a son of William and Helena Tufts of New Maryland, York Co, NB. The Tufts and Morgan's were friends and neighbours, and Wm & Helena attended Margaret's wedding to Durward Cameron at Nasonworth on June 26, 1918. Thank you for your wonderful Tufts history blog. Derrick B. Cameron

    Here are Lemuel's letters:

    October 28th 1917

    Dear Margaret

    Just a few lines to let you know I am still alive and well as usual and I hope you are the same. We will be leaving here next week but only going up the track a ways and then we will go back to McAdam again if we don’t get further orders. We would rather stay here until we got ready to go to McAdam for there is nothing going on up the track but work and they have a show and a dance every Saturday night here. The stores are open and trains running here on Sunday the same as any other day. The most of our boys are working to day but not I. I am loafing. I will go to church to night if I can get anyone to go with me. Yes why don’t you come up home some Sunday. You haven’t been up since last June shame on you why not come up next Sunday. I will be home next Sunday and Monday. I will go down and bring you up some Sunday if you say so. I suppose you are having a fine time cooking and keeping house alone. I don’t begrudge you your job. I would rather railroad any time for I haven’t hurt myself until yesterday. I knocked the top of my knuckle. Leslie and I got home that night without any trouble at all.

    Well Dearie I will close for this time hoping to hear from you soon.
    Best wishes, Lemuel T (Tufts)

    On your Birthday
    Though distance stands between us
    And letters now are few
    I could not pass your birthday
    Without wishing happiness for you

    Post Card – probably for December 12th, 1917, Margaret’s birthday:

    Hello Kid – I thought this card would suit best as letters are few. From Lemuel to Miss Margaret Morgan

    (There is an entry for Lemuel Tufts for January 24th in Margaret’s Birthday Book – he would only be 17 at the time of this letter, and Margaret 19. Edward Lemuel Tufts (1900 - 1924) was the son of William Elmore (1870 – 1935) and Helena May (1872 – 1949) Tufts. They are buried in the Fredericton Rural Extension Cemetery. He was born 24 January 1900 in Fairfield, NB and died 8 January 1924 in Wickenburg, AZ.)

    EDWARD LEMUEL TUFTS (1900-1924) in Wickenburg, AZ, single. He died of tuberculosis contracted in World War One. (Kinsmen)