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 We are currently planning a web site but for now this page will serve for book order information and news.

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Tufts Kinsmen Association will be holding its 2018 Annual Meeting at Tufts University in Medford, MA—details to follow. We would appreciate hearing from you if you may be able to attend, so we can plan for the meeting. You can reach us at tuftskinsmenbook@comcast.net

 Member dues are $10/year, which can be paid by check.  To send dues and donations by mail, contact the email above for the mailing address.

The Tufts Kinsmen Association, Inc., is pleased to offer for sale; Tufts Kinsmen Volume I and II, generations 1-6 (Vol. I) and generations 7 & 8 (Vol. II) of the Tufts family genealogy, by Herbert Freeman Adams and the Tufts Kinsmen Association.

Spiral Bound Soft Cover - $70.00 US Orders                 
Spiral Bound Soft Cover - $75.00 Canadian Orders          
e-mail requests to tuftskinsmenbook@comcast.net

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  1. I am John L. Tufts, Jr. of NYC. My dad, John, was born and raised in Erie, Penn. His father was Leo H. Tufts, also of Erie. I'm sure we descended from the New England Tufts, but I have not been able to backtrack beyond my grandfather. My question is according to a history of the US Navy many men were sent to the shipyard in Erie's Presque Isle to build ships to fight the British on the Great Lakes. I would assume that after the cessation of the war many of those who went to Erie remained there. Is there any way to find that out?