Friday, January 20, 2017

Rogers Rangers and “The Fight on snow shoes”

Today’s soldiers of Mountain Infantry or Special Forces train today at Camp Ethan Allen in Vermont and I can’t help but think of the soldiers who fought in those woods 250 years ago. Not far from here along the New York side of Lake George in 1758 Rogers Rangers fought “The Battle on Snowshoes”. They had gone out to scout from Fort Edward and were ambushed by more numerous French and Indian forces resulting in tremendous loss. It was reported that Robert Rogers himself only escaped by sliding 400 feet down what is now called Roger’s Rock. There is a lot written about the French and Indian conflicts and the woodsman’s style of war, and some of today’s soldiers are still taught similar “Rules of Ranging” as outlined by Rogers. I just hope they give them better equipment and clothes.
  Wikipedia is a good start but I trust the references better. 

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